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Reimbursement of Costs & Health Insurance

If you have any questions concerning reimbursable costs do not hesitate to contact us via phone or E-mail.

As a rule, the private health insurances reimburse expenses for osteopathic treatment according to the conditions of your health insurance contract in line with the GebüH (Scale of Charges for Alternative Practitioners) and with the GOA ( Scale of Charges for Doctors).

However, the state health insurances increasingly initiate projects researching the cost efficiency and effectiveness of osteopathy as a treatment. At the moment the following health insurances partially reimburse fees induced by osteopathic treatment:

TK, BKK Essanelle, Bahn-BKK, SBK, BKK ALP Plus, HEK, BKK Thüringen Energieversorgung, DAK, Sercuvita, HVB BKK, BKK vor Ort.

Please contact the health insurances to learn more about reimbursements.